Do you feel like it is hard to get going in January? Like all you want to do is sit on the couch all day watching Lifetime movies or Netflix? January seems to be tailor made as a time of recovery from the hectic holidays, a time to relax and unwind. On most days, the weather is pushing you to grab a blanket and cup of hot chocolate, but the thought of another day in front of TV has you feeling guilty. The secret to being productive, while still enjoying your holiday recovery, is to take on small, easily managed chores that can be done in increments.

Here is a list of achievable chores that will have you feeling like you accomplished something this month!

5 minute chores

  • Make a fix-it list
  • Unsubscribe from at least 3 e-mails that are driving you crazy
  • Clean or change one household filter (air, water, stove)
  • Clean out under the stove or behind the refrigerator
  • Download a meditation or reading app
  • Change the linens on one bed

1 hour or less chores

  • Clean out the fridge and/or freezer
  • Delete emails that you don't need anymore
  • Get rid of 10 things from your closet you don't wear anymore
  • Dump-out, clean, and restock your makeup bag
  • Organize your filing & shred old documents
  • Find 3 new meals you want to try out
  • Clean out the car
  • Make doctor, dentist, and hair appointments for the family
  • Go through your medicine cabinet & get rid of expired and unused items
  • Clean out your junk drawer (everyone has one!)

A Weekend

  • Take care of all the holiday returns
  • Paint that room (you know the one)
  • Create some space in the garage
  • Clean out all your cabinets & closets - purge everything you don't use
  • Vacuum floors & curtains and mop all hard floor surfaces
  • Wash all bedding including sheets, pillowcases, quilts, mattress pads, and even pillows

Now that you've done something, don't you feel better?


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